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Hypothesis: Diamagnetic Satellite Photon Excited Linear Quantum Drive

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Hypothesis: Diamagnetic Satellite Photon Excited Linear Quantum Drive

The basic concept is centred around the use of UV 405 nm light being injected into a series of diamagnetic crystals that have been doped into fluorescence in a progressive linear sequence. As the UV light excites the crystal, moving


ECOSat Project

Diamagnetic satellite ready for launch 2015. Project Code Name Squirrel!   ECOSat Diamagnetic Payload Experiments WHO’S INVOLVED: This project began as an entry for the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge (CSDC).  CSDC strives to inspire students to pursue science and engineering


EV Boat

New Stage of the project – 28/10/2016 For this new stage we’re going to do the electric conversion of a Chris-Craft boat with a combustion engine. The conversion will include several solar panels, a battery bank, a VFD controlled 7.5HP


AGO Fuel Cells and the parent company A.G.O. Environmental Electronics Ltd are conducting privately-funded experimental research projects into applications for hydrogen fuel cells. Many of the projects are simply feasibility studies while others may lead to commercial development.

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