Diamagnetic Moment/ Fluorescence/ Visual Impression disclosing concealed energy

Presenting a proof of concept

Preliminary Release January 2, 2024,

50 year addiction a step toward the stars

In 1973 while prospecting for gold which I did find, I unexpectedly found fluorite crystals nearby.



Photo 1 1973 green fluorite crystals and gold ore Deloro Ontario

A trip to the Royal Ontario museum with my son brought a new word into my vocabulary “diamagnetism” something I had not been taught in school. Diamagnetic materials tend to move away from any magnetic field north or south. Over the years, this quest for information, experienced many and frequent starts and stops precipitated by new materials and theories. This resulted in my hypothesis “The Linear Quantum Drive”, which is available on this website.

In 1778 Brugmans noted the strange antimagnetic reaction with the material Bismuth. Then in 1845 Faraday coined the name diamagnetic as the physical reaction that this kind of material tends to move away from any magnetic field regardless of its’ pole.  Diamagnetism was considered a weak force of little use and was promptly forgotten by most.

This October 2023 my quantum physics professor Dr. Charles Clark listed a video on his web site that sparked a new possibility to visually prove my hypothesis with a few slight changes to the test fixture. Note 1



With an appeal to my associates for an accurate weigh scale professor Rodney Herring loaned me the use of a scale measuring to 0.0001 grams, it has been very useful for the initial testing, yielding promising results. Looking for even greater resolution, I am currently searching for
scales that measure to 0.00001g. Note 2

There are two changes in method indicated to visually measure diamagnetism.

First: the neodymium magnets are elevated to a zero or very small influence height then supported with a none magnetic material and oriented vertically using two magnets, this increased the magnetic field and coupled them to the support pan acting similar to a magnetic amplifier. Based on Newton’s 3 rd law the apparent weight increase, caused by the diamagnetic field as seen on the scale readout. The diamagnetic sample, in this case is Blue John fluorite a weakly diamagnetic material that does not physically touch the magnets, photo 2, 3 4 Note 3


Photo 2 sample clear of scale
Photo 3 sample approaching scale
Photo 4 sample close but not touching magnets  0.075”

Second: a LED UV light source in this case 365nm at a distance shines on the Blue John sample and a slight increase in the weight was noted 2.9mg. This is not an increase in mass rather an increase in the energy of the diamagnetic moment. See photo 5


Photo 5 365nm LED UV light at distance to the right shining on the Blue John crystal note increase in apparent weight of 2.9 mg

Preliminary Conclusions:


This is based on the photo electric effect and my interpretation is that as the electrons move to the higher energy level causing florescence that the diamagnetic moment should increase as well (H field). On reflection of later tests I also think the larger mass of the fluorite has an influence in the H field strength. Fluorescence is the process of generating light when light is also used as the energy source to power the reaction. This is accomplished through a mechanism called the photoelectric effect in which the absorption of a photon of light causes an electron to jump to a higher energy state. Note: 4

  • Electrons are only emitted if the frequency of the light is above a certain threshold frequency.
  • If the frequency is high enough, the intensity of the light governs how many electrons are emitted.
  • The maximum kinetic energy of emitted electrons is independent of the intensity of the light, but proportional to the frequency of the light.

In 1905, Albert Einstein proposed that this effect could be explained by thinking of light as made up of discrete particles with energy proportional to their frequency: E=hf, where h is known as Planck’s constant. This idea was previously proposed by Max Planck to explain the “black body” spectra of light emitted by warm objects.

The maximum kinetic energy of an electron emitted when light of frequency f shines on a metal is:

where ϕ is a property of the metal, called the work function.


Further although this looks like an increase in mass, it is an increase in energy and is a reflection of E = mc 2 . “Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared”. On the most basic level, the equation says that energy and mass (matter) are interchangeable; they are different forms of the same thing. Note: 5

With the setup, I have been able to confirm that the Blue diamond is a fairly strong diamagnetic material with strength variations in random samples. Note: 6


Photo 6 Blue John crystal and a small blue diamond

The very small Blue diamond in the same magnetic field gave a diamagnetic apparent weight response of 41mg.

At present I am awaiting the arrival of a 265nm LED UV light source and several other diamond and fluorite samples to confirm the functionality of the fluorescent’s diamagnetic moment visual testing method. Many other none fluorescing diamagnetic samples are being tested as well to confirm the diamagnetic influence with water, boron, gold, bismuth and pyrolytic graphite to name some. More testing is underway to re-confirm the results and check for other possible influences, or interference sources. As well, the test setup will be refined with several improvements learned during preliminary testing. I did settle on a 0.1mg scale for the time being do to the cost of the o.01mg scale and an issue with resolution due to limiting of the maximum weight to 80 grams for the 0.01mg accuracy. Once I figure out a light weight support system then I can go back and see about purchasing the high resolution scale listed bellow. I could only get the weight down to 92 grams so no 0.01mg scale for now.

I have ordered a natural 2 crt Blue Diamond for further testing from Loose Gemstone Store on Ebay, sourced out of South Africa. The diamond is to see if the size of the crystal gives a measurable diamagnetic and fluorescence response in the test setup.

                      Recommended for further consideration

In a diamagnetic material, the atoms have no magnetic moment when there is no applied field. Under the influence of an applied field (H) the spinning electrons precess, and this motion, which is a type of electric current, produces a magnetization (M) in the opposite direction to that of the applied field [17].

  • Question 1: Since the diamagnetic moment is the result of an external magnetic field and may be influenced by fluorescence interacting resulting with a changing magnetic moment not the result of molecular alignment in a mass, would group of randomly oriented layer single plain diamagnetic material eg. small Blue Diamonds all have the resulting diamagnetic moments align in the same direction apposing the external magnetic field?
  • Sourced from South Africa via India company Diamond_Mine on Ebay.
  • Question 2: Based on Faraday’s law of induction, if the answer to the first question is yes, then if a series of small diamagnetic crystals that fluoresce were connected together with a continuous conductor such as copper, silver, steel or gold would the changing diamagnetic moment of the crystals induce potential into the conductor similar to a transformer and have a measurable potential voltage.
  • Pre strung Blue Diamond beads, part on order from Gems Universal, India to test theory.
30crt 16 inch length

Faraday’s Law describes the magnitude of the electromotive force (emf), or voltage, induced (generated) in a conductor due to electromagnetic induction (changing magnetic fields). It states that the induced emf in a conducting circuit is proportional to the rate of change of magnetic flux linkage Φ within the circuit. For a change of magnetic flux ΔΦ in time Δt, the average emf E induced is



where N is the number of turns in the conducting circuit if it is a coil.

Question 3: Does the colour of fluorescence indicate the strength of the diamagnetic moment when exposed to UV light. As an example the Hope diamond is blue and fluoresces red when exposed to UV light (265 to 365nm) fluoresces in the red 600nm range. If some other Blue diamonds with the same UV light exposure fluoresce closer to the colour blue 450nm.

Source from:

​(17) https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-e&q=diamagnetic+moment

(18) https://isaacphysics.org/concepts/cp_faradays_law?stage=all

This is the new test setup as of February 1st, scale is 0.1mg, the magnets have a 265nm LED integrated. the red dot in the center of the magnets is a fluorescing ruby. Scale sourced from Aliexpress.

March 19 2024 UV testing of various diamonds at 365nm, 2 crt Blue diamond, 16 inch 30 crt string of Blue diamonds and semi clear diamond chips.

diamond chips Blue diamond string and 2 crt Blue diamond

Note the reaction with yellow, red, light blue, dark blue, orange and green fluorescence, indicating real diamonds. The 2 crt Blue Diamond is probably man made not having impurities causing fluorescence at this wave length. Later tests will be with 265nm UV and then magnetic saturation causing diamagnetism.

Close up of the diamond chips only, sourced from Jimneo  on Ebay, very good supplier.

March 26 2024, see the following testing of the presently available diamonds, rubies, fluorite and other gems

present working samples
testing at 395nm UV
365nm UV test
265nm UV test

June 1 2024 Question 4:

An Epiphany on another possible undisclosed sub-atomic force

I woke up this morning with an epiphany realization related to what is happening in the formation of the strongest diamagnetic material presently available. Pyrolytic graphite a man made material when formed from a carbon rich gas like methane at a specific temperature range near 2000 degrees centigrade and low pressure. The gas is deposited as a single graphene layer onto a metal substrate followed by successive layers with the following layers rotating approximately 67 degrees. The resulting material pyrolytic graphite has the strongest diamagnetic rating of +400. What I think I missed when I first looked at this material in 2008 was what is the acting undisclosed force that causes the axis of rotation of the carbon atom layers. Is this Dark Matter influencing a sub-atomic reaction or the interaction of electron spin as the gas condenses to a solid? Whatever, this force should be studied in detail to understand if it can be utilized in the development of a super diamagnetic material.

July 1 2024 To help get better resolution of the diamagnetic moment, I have 2 more larger Blue Diamonds on order that are 30 + ct, they should arrive over the next month. I have been finding that size maters in this set up.

31 ct blue diamond
30 ct blue diamond

July 7 2024 aquired a 32 ct white diamond for testing.

July 11 2024 aquired 39.6 ct greenish blue diamond

39.6 ct greenish blue diamond


All 7 diamonds are earth mined in Brazil and should have some florescence, that is to be determined.

Continued testing of samples will start after all diamond samples have arrive and time permitts, estimated to be near the end of September 2024.


June 1 2014 a short essay on the theory of photon energy to motion of a diamagnetic material, as posted on the University of Marylands’ Coursera Quantum Physics discussion form.
Photon Energy to Motion of Diamagnetic Materials Application

A greatly appreciated comment about my Coursera Quantum Physics discussion form paper from the professor that I studied quantum physics from through the University of Maryland. Thank you this meant a lot to me.


A provisional patent was applied for US 61/690,010
Genesis of an idea disclosing consealed energy

“Genesis of an Idea Disclosing Concealed Energy” gives some background as to how I got here although it leaves out my first concepts while working in Space Physics Ottawa.


Note 1: https://www.teachspin.com/fms

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Note 3: https://www.physicsclassroom.com/class/newtlaws/Lesson-4/Newton-s-Third-Law#:~:text=Formally%20stated%2C%20Newton%27s%20third%20law,force%20on%20the%20second%20object

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Note 6: Dark blue fluorite  GeorgefBoutique
South African Blue diamonds  yaamijewels
South African Blue diamonds eBay.com The diamond mine


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