July 20/2010 – First successful test of the 2 KW Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Sailboat




First test run of the Horizon H2000 2 Kw hydrogen fuel cell in the 6 meter (20 ft.) hybrid drive sailboat. The electric motor (Minn Kota RT202/EM 2HP) is mounted on the cavitation plate of the old Evinrude gas outboard. The H2000 is ideally suited to power a 36 VDC battery bank power system. The system is easily installed with a few off the shelf parts and is very quite during operation. This is the third fuel cell system that we have used in the boat and I am very pleased and impressed. I have the best of both worlds, a totally environmental friendly unit and when needed the use of a gas based system at the flick of a switch.

For more information, see the accompanying video: YouTube Video of Outboard Motor System