Fuel Cell Stacks


Horizon PEM Fuel Cell Stacks


Fuel Cells for sale! AGO Fuel Cells is pleased to announce that we have begun selling Horizon open-cell fuel cells in the North American market to retail and industrial customers. These PEM fuel cells are ideally sized for integration into many alternative energy projects and products.

Our experience with these cells has included the design and development of fuel cell systems to power two different electrically-propelled sailboats and supporting research projects into fuel cell electric bicycles and various transportation and auxiliary power projects.

Horizon Fuel Cell Models:

Model Rated Output Voltage/Current Hydrogen Use Rate
Model Rated Output Voltage/Current Hydrogen Use Rate
H12 7.8V @ 1.6A 0.18 H500 21V @ 24A 6.5
H20 7.8V @ 2.6A 0.28 H1000 43V @ 23.5A 14
H30 9V @ 3.4A 0.42 H2000 28.8V @ 70A 28
H100 14V @ 7.2A 1.4 H3000 43.2V @ 70A 42
H200 28V @ 7.2A 2.8 H4000 57.6V @ 70A 56
H300 43V @ 7.2A 4.2 H5000 72V @ 70A 70
All fuel cells are rated for use in temperature range 5-35°C
All fuel cells are rated at 40% efficiency at full power
Nominal supply pressure of 5, 6 or 8 PSI, depending on model

For more information on the fuels cells available, please download the H-series fuel cell brochure
For information on the Horizon’s H2 lab electrolyzer, please download the Lab H2 Supply brochure

Larger sizes are available  Please contact us for more information.

My personnel favorite is the H2000 as it is every easy to interface with a 36 VDC battery system as see in the following photo.


All of the fuel cells shown are available for order with a few models being available for immediate delivery. The prices for these products have been steadily dropping as the market demand increases so please contact us for current pricing information.

YC Synergy Fuel Cell Systems

Information on YC Synergy fuels cells and related products, please download the YC Synergy Official Brochure

Please see YC Synergy electrolyzer system PDF: YC Synergy EHS eDM

Palcan PEM Fuel Cell Stacks

Information on Palcan fuels cells and related products, please download the Palcan brochure

AGO Fuel Cells also provides Palcan closed-cathode fuel cells. Please contact us for more information.

Electrolyzer Modules


AGO Fuel Cells is proud to distribute Horizon and YC Synergy Co., Ltd Electrolyzers/fuel cell for the production of hydrogen gas from water and solar or other green electricity sources. These electrolyzers are available in several sizes that can be matched to equivalent fuel cells or storage mediums. Using the electrolyzer to produce hydrogen gas from green electricity sources allows that energy to be stored in a convenient medium (compressed hydrogen gas) before reconversion to electricity by the fuel cell.

Horizon electrolyzer systems utilize chemical reactants to produce hydrogen from electricity.

YC Synergy Co., Ltd  electrolyzers are based on a reverse-PEM technology that is environmentally friendly and use no hazardous chemicals.

These electrolyzer systems are just coming to market so please contact us for more information regarding technical specifications and pricing.