Fuel Cell Projects for 2010

For the year 2010 A.G.O. will be working on fuel cell Research & Development projects covering two areas: the commercial recovery of methane hydride deposits and the development of an auxiliary home heating/hydrogen fuel generation system. See the PDF documents on the right for further information.

The auxiliary home heating/hydrogen fuel generation system will be set up in prototype form over the course of 2010. Initial testing into ventilation aspects of the system are being started and prototype construction should start in the spring.
A video of an early test is available.

New! Video of the Home Heating system test run:
Youtube Video of Home Heating Test

The proof-of-concept power system for the home heating project (and for our hydrogen refueling station proof-of-concept) in the image to the right combines a Horizon 2 kW fuel cell, Palcan metal hydride hydrogen storage bottles, a custom Kipoint inverter-charger and a Zahn DC-DC converter. The 2 kW fuel cell generates 36 VDC of electricity, which is matched to the inputs of the custom Kipoint inverter that produces 1800W at 110/220 VAC. The Zahn DC-DC converter is used to power the control electronics.

The methane hydride recovery system will be an initial study into the technology requirements and feasibility of seabed recovery of hydrogen and simultaneous sequestration of CO2 using electrolyzer and fuel cell technology. This project will require extensive industry and university partnerships which A.G.O. is currently soliciting.


methane pdf image


home heating pdf image